Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Like a merry go-round.

I dislike immensely having to skip the first parts of a book, Especially having to skip the first 200 pages. But I've done just this with the second volume of Peter V. Brett's Demon Trilogy. And I'm sure I will wind up skipping more before I finish the book. It's a shame, really. Though this may be a rush to judgment, I should be well known for those by now.

This may also seem odd considering my previous post heaping praise upon him, however, Mr. Brett is mistaken if he thinks I paid money to read about the Krasians. I enjoyed the first volume in this series because of Arlen, Rojer and Leesha, as such I expect them to continue to be the main focus. I don't care to read about Murderers and Rapists and Butchers, who use their theft of knowledge to conquer innocent people, and so having the Krasians be the main focus for such a long stretch bored me. Their is only so much one can read before one comes to view the Demons with a new lens, they are after all only animals, and cannot be blamed for their actions. The Krasians however can. I disliked them already based on their actions in the first book, and I'd much rather see them put to the sword than the Demons at this point.

Its a considerable step down from the Warded Man, I don't know if I will even care enough to buy The Daylight War when it comes out, Maybe he can surprise me again, maybe he can hook me and dissuade my constant searching for something not to like about his books. Maybe.

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