Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Quest Novel - Foucault's Pendulum

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This was one of the best novels I read this year, But its so packed with detail that I had to read each page twice sometimes to absorb it all. Its a great companion to Eco's First book " The Name of the Rose " which I also read this year, but Foucault's Pendulum is clearly its superior. I'm sorry its never been adapted into a film.. the people wouldn't be nearly so disgusting looking as in Rose.

The Plot involves practically everything, or rather the characters plot to include practically everything. From spark plugs to the Knights Templar, washing machines to Cabala. I'm really at a loss of how to describe it without ruining any of it.

I won't take the cheap shot at Dan Brown as I had fun with his Robert Langdon Books, but He could learn a lot from reading this book, re-reading this book and then re-reading it some more.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Wishsong of Shannara, Shannara #3

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Well i've found my favorite terry brooks character so far, Slanter the Gnome.. perhaps an unfortunate name given the gnomes in the Shannara series have a great deal in common with persons of Asian descent.. Not inferring anything it probably never even crossed his mind. But Slanter is a great character, I wish that he hadn't been bogged down with worthless characters like.. say.. Jair Ohmsford, who served as more or less nothing but a plot device to redeem Slanter. I easly finished this volume in a much shorter time period than the first two, Its worked that way so far. Volume #1, the weakest of the 3 so far took the longest to read.. the second book was stronger than the first so took about half as long to read.. or about a week compared to the 2 weeks Sword took.. Wishsong took a weekend, it was fast paced, and tight in its story telling, it suffered from the obvious sexual tension between Ronne Leah and Brin Ohmsford.. But it shows that Brooks is slowly learning how to tell a more human story.

Up next will be the short story Indomitable which serves as an Epilogue to Wishsong and to the Sword trilogy as a whole... depending on how good that is, I may or may not get Darkwraith of Shannara the Graphic Novel.

first two novels of 2010 will be Sharpe's Tiger and Dune

Friday, December 25, 2009

Gift Day, Yule Feast.

I don't Celebrate Christmas.. Never accuse me of such a thing.

I celebrate Yuletide and keep a Light burning during the last 2 weeks of December. But I do Celebrate Gift Day, the totally Secular holiday of mass consumerism. Or as I also like to call it, pants and socks day.

My Yule-hoard this year consisted of 4 pair of pants, 4 sweaters, 6 pair of socks, 2 shirts, 1 pair of pajama pants, 1 tri-fold wallet, some various grooming products, a copy of Warcraft 3 battle chest( to be reviewed later), the last 3 books I needed to complete my " Sharpe " series (also to be reviewed later), a Calender with Japanese Wood Block print art in it and a plethora of assorted cookies, biscuits, sweets and treats. It was a very good year this year. I hope everyone else is having as good as I did.

I also received, a SERIOUSLY AWESOME GIFT from a friend, SERIOUS SAM HD from STEAM download service.

Now Just waiting for my Yule Boar to cook in the oven to complete the day, Much ale will be drunk, much pork will be consumed, and then comes the yule-feast nap.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Vatican is after the gooooollllllddddddd

The Vatican is trying to steal the recently discovered Staffordshire Hoard.

I'm not pleased about this, they paid a coward king to convert his people by the sword, if this hoard is indeed that kings, Its blood money. It should be distributed amongst the English people as payment for having the Christian religion forced upon them. But failing that pipe dream, it should go in a museum.

Ratzinger's brain is clearly still living in the 3rd Reich, with this concept of just being able to waltz off with other peoples Gold.

I hope the English give the pope the finger, or rather, the two fingers.

Elfstones of Shannara Part 3

Alright, so I survived my second terry brooks novel, as I stated in my previous posts on this volume, I'd never heard anything about brooks that wasn't negative, and while I didn't find all of those to be accurate upon actually reading his works, quite a few were.

Its definitely a fun journey, taking you from Arborlon to Storlock and all the way south to the Hollows before back to Arborlon, for one doozey of a slap to the face ending for the characters of the book. Much like Brooks set up the character of Lauren as the apparent main character for the book, and then slaughtered the hapless elf 4 chapters in, He runs a grueling death toll on the characters in this volume. Where as in Sword, lots of characters were introduced but no one really died until the end, In Elfstones characters died left and right, and one character who you would feel almost certain would survive, marry the hero and go on to have like a bajillion babies with him.. well.. Its really cold but also adds a nice bit of depth to the world of Shananra, which if I were to say Middle Earth's History ran deep, Shannara's is only a few hundred yards away from being non existent. But its improving. As is Brook's writing ability.

I am a few chapters into the 3rd volume " The Wishsongs of Shannara " now, and the writing is definitely better.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A bit Late I know,

But being as we are now on the 3rd Day of Yultide, December 22nd. Wanted to wish everyone a Joyous Jul. as it were.

Best time of the year really. Pork Products everywhere.

Nearly Finished Reading my current book, Foccault's Pendulum

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Ok, so I'm not what you might call the most balanced human being on the planet.. I'm really really opinionated and when your opinion doesn't jibe with my opinion, well then your just sol buddy cause I have no time for compromise.

Which brings me to the point of this post. This News Story courtesy of the AP, about a 4 year old in Texas who has been suspended cause their hair is long.. Whats this you ask.. Suspended because of having long hair? yes.. well had Taylor been born a girl, everyone would no doubt be fawning over Taylor's beautiful hair. But Nature decided to make him a him, which means hes not allowed personal choice in his hair styles, It's a mans life in the army, etc etc, High and Tight, Crew, Buzz, Bowl, anything so long as hair doesn't touch a males ears seems to be ok..

But this little boy has been suspended, can't spend time with his friends and is basically being subjected to what is nothing more than sexism. He's hardly oppressing anyone either, despite being a white male, so you can keep that crap to yourselves.

I want to know what the school district would do were a Sikh family to move in.. where the boys are not allowed by their religion to cut their hair.

Having myself been subjected to this for most of my life, and having been forced to get my share of haircuts when I didn't want them. I've been turned down for jobs and threatened with dismissal from jobs over the length of my hair. I keep it clean, I keep it pulled back, I keep it neat and tidy. But no doesn't matter. Men aren't allowed to have long hair by today's societal norms in the US. Even though if one takes a gander at our Founding Fathers.. they almost all have pony tails. The pillar of one of earths major religion and the religion of choice of at least 80% of Americans.. Jesus.. Has long hair.

so in honor of Taylor Pugh,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All the Little Creatures I have Eaten. .. err. All the Fantasy Films and TV I watched in 2009

Needless to say not all of these were winners, And not all of the fantasy films I watched this year are on this, Notable exceptions are 'Dragonslayer' "the Sword and the Sorcerer" and the two Lord of the Rings Fan Films "The Hunt For Gollum" and "Born of Hope", I hope to do proper write ups of these four at a later date, I will probably re-watch some of the ones from this year during the next year and write up proper reviews of them as well.

Some of them were very good I thought, Some less so, The notable ones were Krull And the Long Ships, The ones I had the most miss givings going into also yeilded some Gems in the form of Blood of Beasts, The Long Ships and In the Name of The King. While others that I thought would be good turned out not to be. Specifically "The Name of the Rose" Which deserves some sort of award for ugliest cast ever.

The Total List for 2009 of Fantasy Films and Television is

1 . Hawk the Slayer **
2 . In the Name of the King ***
3 . Eric the Viking **
4 . Merlin and the War of the Dragons **
5 . The Long Ships ***
6 . The Sword of the Valiant *
7 . Legend of the Seeker Season 1 ***
8 . Throg *
9 . LadyHawke ****
10. Flesh+Blood **
11. The Name of the Rose ***
12. Clash of the Titans ***
13. Day of Wrath **
14. Blood of Beasts ***
15. Roar The Complete Series **
16. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves ***
17. Krull ****
18. Dragonlance **
19. Faerie tale Theatre Complete Series **
20. Robin Hood ***
21. Dragonquest **
22. The Golden Voyage of Sinbad ***
23. The Secret Kingdom **
24. Conan the Adventurer Complete Series ***
25. Prince Valiant ***
26. The Reckoning ****
27. Beastmaster **
28. Robin and Marion ***
29. First Knight ***
30. Dragonslayer *****
31. The Hunt for Gollum ****
32. Born of Hope ****
33. The Sword and the Sorcerer **
35. The Viking Sagas ***

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Elfstones of Shannara, Part Two

well I'm now halfway through the book, and I've noted several more instances of creeping Tolkien "Borrowing" in the book.. Mostly the Pykon's are a bland knock off of the Argonath scene in Fellowship..

I've got to stress again its pointless for Brooks to continue referring to the elves as elves.. as they seem to have nothing about them which differentiates them from humans. they are neither immortal, beautiful or excel at anything to a great degree due to having limitless time to study it. They seem to be nothing more than slightly more magical humans.. albeit who seem to have a gene for curly blond hair. I'd have named them Cherubs instead of Elves.. And it would have added new possibilities for their war with the Demons, both the one in the past and the looming one in this book.

The series is still not the worst Fantasy I've ever read.. but its very much the equivalent to epic fantasy that Lin Carter's Thongor is to Sword and Sorcery.. Well meaning, and love of subject, doesn't always equate to talent. But it sometimes is still fun.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go! Team Venture!

Failure, This is the main recurring theme in The Venture Brothers..

If You've never seen this show you are missing out, Its filled with obscure references to literature and pop culture, Progressive and Space Rock, Films from James Bond to 2001: A Space odyssey, Cartoons, from Johnny Quest to Scooby doo... Simply put the first Three seasons are genius.. I'm not sure how I feel about season 4 yet.. I'm unnerved by the seemingly sympathetic light the writers continually cast the Pederast character Sgt. Hatred in, and the season so far has had a decided lack of Brock Sampson and a definite lack of Henchmen.

But Sunday, December 13th, We get Henchmen Vs Sampson, It's going to be epic.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Master of Horror

right, so, been watching a lot of John Carpenter movies lately. over the last week I've watched in no real order

The Thing
Prince of Darkness
the mouth of Madness
They Live
Big Trouble in Little China
And Both of the Escape movies..

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I've not gotten a copy of Halloween yet, I'm not really much of a slasher movie fan.. but I am thinking about making an exception for this one because it is the original Slasher movie. And their are a few others I still need to find as well, The Fog, Starman and the Original Assault on Precinct 13, so when I acquire and view these will do mini reviews of them as well.

I liked the thing, it has some amazingly grotesque special effects and a good storyline. Prince of Darkness had some fairly bogus special effects but had a better storyline than The Thing did. But its cast wasn't as strong. The Mouth of Madness had a good cast and a good story, All three are very lovecraftian.. They Live has some great lines and some great moments of dark comedy.. and Big Trouble in little china is a fantastically funny movie. Vampires I didn't really like as much.. despite James Woods being great in it.. and the Escape movies are while not equally balanced in their goodness.. are both pretty darn good.. Snake is the perfect example of Antihero..

Another really good bit about John Carpenter films is.. John Carpenter Music!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Elfstones of Shannara

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Having finished reading the first volume in this Trilogy, I can state safely that yes, the author " Borrowed " a considerable number of plot points and Monsters from Tolkien in a very unsubtle way. However, it was also his first book, and not everyone springs forth into this world fully formed as a good writer. It was rife with some very bizarre word choices, words like " Quadrant " and " Sector " and " Mechanically " bring to mind Sci-Fi, not Fantasy worlds. They are anachronistic, every bit as much as if he purposefully used words like Micle(much) or Weeds (woman's clothing) to give his writing a more Tolkien like feel.. Following the bizarre choices of words, is also his very strange naming conventions.. some of the character names like Allanon, Balinor, Padamon Creel, Menion Leah and even Hendel are pretty good fantasy novel names, Ohmsford is a decent enough name, but names like Shea, Flick, Palance, Buckhannah are very distracting.

My other major problem in the Sword of Shannara was the problem of conveying distance traveled, the main measurement of distances in the four lands seems to be the Yard, everything seems to be no more than several hundred yards away from wherever our main characters are.. This would make the cross map journey from Culhaven to Paranor no more than a few hours long at most.. which is of course ridiculous.. He might as well have measured the journey in Ells. Its distracting, but again I'd be willing to forgive it if he had not continued to do it in the second book which brings us to the point of this.

I started reading "Elfstones" almost immediately after finishing "Sword" the odd naming choices are also still prevalent.. naming a male main character Lauren, Shea at least is a Masculine name in the Gaelic-o-sphere but Lauren is strictly a feminine name. Its just an invitation for ass beatings. Its neither particularly exotic, nor fantastical.. and it just makes me think of the half dozen Laurens I went to school with.. The Pros of the book are that its got a better flow to the writing, showing that the author improved after his freshmen offering. Its got better villains in the form of The Dagda Mor( I'm guessing he read some Rollenston at some point.. But I'd have named the evil demon Balor rather than after Dagda the Good..) The Reaper and the Changling. I don't think Brona had a single line in Sword, he had no real motivation except " To be evil " .. at least the Dagda and his henchmen have the motivation of having been locked up for a really long time in a really sucky phantom zone like forbidding courtesy of the Ellcrys ( a talking tree, kinda cool.. not encountered one of those since Wizard of Oz and then later The Last Unicorn... So not something that gets used a whole lot.. the aspect of the tree picking the chosen also echoes through the ages into the Naming Hat from a certain Boy Wizard series..

So far the second book in the series is off to a better start than the first one, it seems to have the bonus of being written by a more confident Terry Brooks.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Korgoth of Barbaria

I know its old, and abandoned by Cartoon Network.. but its still funny.

part 1

part 2

part 3

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Epic Pooh, Its whats in Micheal Moorecocks head.

I'm just going to re-post a comment I made over at the Silver Key, which is itself a shout out to an article on the Cimmerian and then expand on the vitriol a little bit.

" I think the real root of this, is that Moorecock has at most 6 books on the shelves at your average book store in the US now.. which is about 1/10th the number that Tolkien has.. So I lay this animosity at the feet of the green beast, Jealousy.

Phillip Pullman is another obnoxious wanna be iconoclast who attacks the classics in order to try to elevate himself. So its really no wonder the two are buddies.

one need look no further than the box office takes for the adaptions.. not to mention who's work gets adapted.. The Lord of the Rings series grossed nearly 4billion dollars.. The Narnia movies have not been as huge but will be on film 3 in a year or so.. The Golden Compass.. despite a huge cast.. tanked. "

My opinion of Micheal Moorecock is complicated, I consider him yet another pretentious British sci-fi/fantasy writer who's way to full of himself and lends his work far to much esteem for what it actually is. Like Clive Barker, Alan Moore, Phillip Pullman etc.. Works like "Watchmen" " The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ", and " His Dark Materials " are attempts at Iconoclasm, They are attempts to become Infamous, since the writers will never be Famous... and unfortunately it worked. Micheal Moorecock trashes most other writers in the genre, I'm sure if you asked him.. much like Terry Goodkind.. He doesn't write fantasy either.. but instead writes about Important Human Themes, and Moral Truths, and all that other bullshit.

As I said in my earlier comment on this topic, I lay this squarely at the feet of the green monster of jealousy, These writers know they will never be as famous as their forebears, They will never be as famous as JK Rowling or Stephany Myer even..who is a whole other kettle of fish.. So they settle for being obnoxious and edgy and pushing the envelope so that the people who think the status quo is lame.. can show off how hip and edgy and envelope pushing they are by reading the stuff these guys excrete from their brains. This essay of Moorecocks is simple the literary equivalent of a younger sibling throwing a fit that the older sibling gets more attention. Moorecock has done much the same to other Genre progenitors like Robert E. Howard.. though his stance has softened some what in regards to him.. in a recent interview he still came across as patronizing towards both REH and REH fans.

However, That isn't to say that they don't also have Talent as writers, The Elric stories are great, for the most part, I read and enjoyed Watchmen and LXG..I enjoy them for the completeness of their worlds.. The depth of their history and the skill with which they are assembled. Much like Richard the III, they could not prove a lover so they chose to prove a villain.

Now is the Winter of our Discontent,
Made glorious Summer by this Son of Yorke:
And all the clouds that lowr'd vpon our house
In the deepe bosome of the Ocean buried.
Now are our browes bound with Victorious Wreathes,
Our bruised armes hung vp for Monuments;
Our sterne Alarums chang'd to merry Meetings;
Our dreadfull Marches, to delightfull Measures.
Grim-visag'd Warre, hath smooth'd his wrinkled Front:
And now, in stead of mounting Barbed Steeds,
To fright the Soules of fearfull Aduersaries,
He capers nimbly in a Ladies Chamber,
To the lasciuious pleasing of a Lute.
But I, that am not shap'd for sportiue trickes,
Nor made to court an amorous Looking-glasse:
I, that am Rudely stampt, and want loues Maiesty,
To strut before a wonton ambling Nymph:
I, that am curtail'd of this faire Proportion,
Cheated of Feature by dissembling Nature,
Deform'd, vn-finish'd, sent before my time
Into this breathing World, scarse halfe made vp,
And that so lamely and vnfashionable,
That dogges barke at me, as I halt by them.
Why I (in this weake piping time of Peace)
Haue no delight to passe away the time,
Vnlesse to see my Shadow in the Sunne,
And descant on mine owne Deformity.
And therefore, since I cannot proue a Louer,
To entertaine these faire well spoken dayes,
I am determined to proue a Villaine,
And hate the idle pleasures of these dayes.
Plots haue I laide, Inductions dangerous,
By drunken Prophesies, Libels, and Dreames,
To set my Brother Clarence and the King
In deadly hate, the one against the other:
And if King Edward be as true and iust,
As I am Subtle, False, and Treacherous,
This day should Clarence closely be mew'd vp:
About a Prophesie, which sayes that G,
Of Edwards heyres the murtherer shall be.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Last Viking Poul Anderson

Today would be the 83rd anniversary of the Birth of Poul Anderson, had the fates decreed it to be so, but Alas they felt it was time to sever his silver thread and send him to some other realm. One can only hope that he is currently entertaining Odin or Thor, or Zeus or Dagda or some other Deity of Mirth and Melancholies.

Writer of hundreds of Volumes, Founding member of SAGA, the " Swordsmen and Sorcerers Guild of America " Influence to dozens of writers who came after him, one of the few Writers who Micheal Moorecock, extricates his head from his own ass to actually praise.. (Except Micheal Moorecock of Course)

I first encountered Poul Anderson's fantasy writings when I began collecting the " Ballantine Adult Fantasy " series edited by Lin Carter, Anderson's "The Broken Sword" being Volume #24 in that series. I read it over the course of a single Saturday evening, It's a story of Orcs and Elves, Fairies, Norsemen and Gods, The Conversion to the new religion of Christianity by the Heathens and the effect of this change on the Gods and supernatural beings previously recognized by the people. But mostly its a story of Revenge. Originally written in 1954, Anderson re-wrote large portions of it for the reprint from 1971, the version I read. The Original version was released as volume #32 of the Gollancz Fantasy Masterworks series in the UK. I've not had the opportunity to read this version, but I am hopeful to one day.

I followed this up reading his Adaption of Rolf Kraki's Saga, Volume #62 of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series. Then his adaption/Extrapolation of Egils Saga and Heimskringla.. " Mother of Kings " written for Tor, its an extremely dense work written in the style of the Icelandic Sagas.. it covers around 50 years of the life of Gunnhild the wife of King Eric Blood-Axe of Norway among other kingdoms. Then I read his work " The War of the gods " and his three volume " The Last Viking ".. I've still got several of his to read, most notably the 4 volume " King of Ys "..

He is verbose and his style takes some getting used too, Some of it is prose of the utmost wonderfulness .. instantly transporting you to different worlds.. other parts clunk along like a steam train with square wheels. But the good by far outweighs the bad, and I never felt that I had to set myself goals for how many pages I needed to read each day to finish one of his books.

I've not read any of his Science Fiction, and I'm not likely too.. not really my cup of tea. Though his HOKA! Volumes with Gordon R. Dickson do look like fun.

So to Mr. Anderson I say Happy Birthday.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Shambling Hordes of Urban Fantasy

Bit late on this I suppose but I just found it.. Over on his blog, Tim Holman wrote a post on Urban Fantasy's tremendous ascension to the top spot in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi market..

I Can't say I truly understand it.. Laurel K. Hamilton is nothing but smut and gore, the rest are endless re-hashes of anti-hero vampire novels.. bought and consumed by people who don't realize that with the exception of Blade, Vampires are "The bad guys". Stephen Dorff " These people are our food! " levels of bad.. why make books about them endlessly trying to make them into heroic characters..

I'm not even sure what makes these books " Fantasy "... They don't have dragons or Swords or castles or any of the things I normally associate with " Fantasy ".. These books are less Fantasy than they are 3rd rate knockoffs of Anne Rice.. who is, I feel directly responsible for this travesty. I've seen the types of people who read these books.. They tend to frequent the New Age isle too.. looking for books to help them master the Burning Spell.. or something.. This key bit of information obviously wasn't a personal insight either.. Stephany Myer grasped it too and thus the world is stuck with crap like Twilight and now its insipid sequel " New Moon " .. Pro tip for all teenage boys, read them.. talk about how deep they are and how much they mean to you.. and you will get laid. Frequently.

This whole business is just more proof that the Book companies are wising up to the fact that 90%* of all books sold in the U.S. are bought by 10%* of the population, and 60%* of the people who buy books are Female. Why even bother marketing or paying people to write stuff for a minority of consumers? These " Urban fantasy " books are the written equivalent of Boy Bands.

I'm not going to say that my tastes in books are less geeky or whatever than any other.. But I will say that they are better books, because I like them. Thats how Opinions and Preferences work..

*all estimations.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

NPR's the 50 most important recordings of the Decade - AKA, Who the hell Are these people?!

I happened across NPR's top 50 albums of the decade.. A few of the artists I've heard of, if not actually heard, with no desire to hear them.. A few I have heard, and don't want to hear again.. because well.. they suck.. but the vast majority I've never even heard of.. So I dunno if this is because its NPR and they purposefully picked obscure acts or if I'm just epically out of touch with the " Mainstream ", No bad thing if you ask me.. which of course you obviously are if you're reading this..


I Echo the comment from one Eric Wenner, " If these are the 50 most "game changing" albums no wonder the music industry is struggling." I'd like to add to that if this is the future of music, then I want no part of it.

I do actually own one of the albums listed.. the Soundtrack to "O' brother Where art thou?" So its the only one I can say I've listened to all the way through.. On the other hand.. Having Robert Plant's solo album on here.. I take as a personal insult.. he can churn out crap like that but can't be arsed to do a Led Zeppelin Reunion tour.. They should just get David Coverdale back or something..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They Called it... Cimmeria

I didn't make this, but found it on www.thecimmerian.com and thought it warranted a re-post here..

Dungeon Adventures

Right so Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 has recently been released and a few friends and myself are trying to get a gaming group started so we can play.. problem is we lost 3 of our members to various things, one to the army, the other two to the current financial problems that are seemingly infecting everyone to some degree.. Which leaves us with only 5 instead of the normally possible 8.. or in this case 1 Dungeon master and 4 adventurers.. Its not as bad as it could be, but it never hurts to have a larger group so one can tackle slightly larger adventures..

Trying to find stores or existing gaming groups for the 5 of us to join has proved to be even less easy, it seems that North Georgia is something of a void space of anything approaching what I would consider interesting... But then its always been this way. If one isn't into Big Trucks or Hun'n then one isn't engaged in the local zeitgeist..

Having read many other web posts, it seems that to paraphrase the song from Tism.. Everyone else has had more Dungeons and Dragons than me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Currently Reading - The Sword of Shannara

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I know this title has something of a bad rap, and it both deserves it and doesn't. Yes it swipes entire sections from the Lord of the Rings.. and yes it has all the hallmarks of an amateur writer.. but it is pretty fun so far.. I'm about halfway through it and I look forward to reading the next couple in the series.. Its no Tolkien, but then I don't want it to be.. so long as its Brooks, I'll be happy.

Salvage Operations

Went to a couple of Charity Shop today, buy most of my stuff at them anyway.. best stuff is not in the big box stores anyway..

Got a LP copy of Uriah Heep's Very 'eavy, Very 'Umble.. Erich Von Daniken's " The Miracles of the Gods " and Laverne Gay's " The Wine of Satan " a book about the first crusade.. a Few Cd's R.E.M - Eponymous, Filter - Amalgamut, and the Soundtrack to the Usual Suspects.. Was an excellent haul for a small town charity shop.

Tubes and Tunes

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tyr, Primordial, and Others.

Been listening to a lot of " Heathen music " lately.. bands like Tyr, Amon Amarth, Primordial along with some Neo-Folk stuff...

It may not be everyone's speed or cup of tea.. but will include a few choice Youtube Links for your perusal.

and the originator of the Genre

New Thing - You Ready?