Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Prefered Outcome, and some general musings

England and the USA are both going onto the round of 16.

Since I've got a lot of connection to England, I was highly conflicted going into the England V. USA game at the start of the world cup... I really didn't want to have to deal with the ribbing (albeit polite) from my relatives that "Its ok, you yanks just don't have it in you"... It's cute the first half dozen times but by the time I've finished a 2 week trip over there I would have heard it many times more than that..

I was extremely happy to have gotten that tie... I wish it hadn't required Mr. Green becoming a laughing stock back home to get it, however.

So, now both teams moved on.. both halves of me are still in.

This will probably be my last world cup post, as I've gotten all I really wanted out of it already. Everything else will just be extra sauce on the side.

After my Oral Surgery my mouth is nearly healed up.. had my first Salad in 3 weeks last night and It was sorely missed. I was really getting tired of soft foods. Shame though as I'd tried to convince the dentist to rinse the things off and give em too me.. but he wouldn't... so much for my idea of a 3rd molar necklace...

So.. hopefully now that these too distractions are waning I can get back to posting more regularly on here.. Only gotta make myself read 100 more pages of Steve Perry's abortion of a novel that is the end of his Conan Quadrilogy on Hyborean Apocrypha and I get to move on to re-reading some REH.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well FIFA has decided not to ban the Vuvazela.. despite the majority of the planet thinking its annoying.. and the players saying they can't concentrate or communicate on the field.. or the fact that it broadcasts sound at over 140 decibels and has been linked to permanent hearing loss.. or the fact that international broadcasters like ESPN and the BBC are complaining that their announcers cannot be heard over the drone.. none of that matters apparently...

Essentially.. South Africa pulled the race card.. crying that to ban the horn would be forcing " European culture on Africa " and FIFA not wanting to deal with the negative publicity of that.. would rather just anger their financial backers and the people who are broadcasting the game..

They've decided none of this matters because this 1$, less than 20 year old gimmick is " Integral to the culture of south Africa ".. South Africa's advice to the rest of the world is "Get used to it!, neener neener we get to be obnoxious douchebags and theirs not a thing you can do about it!" and that we should all just watch the games with the sound off if we don't want to experience their culture.

I personally hope that FIFA and the OLYMPIC Committee make note of this, and abstain from allowing any more African countries to host any sort of internationally broadcast games.. I also hope that organizations such as Barclay's take note and ban the horns in their own stadiums.. after all it's not English or Australian or American culture to have the horns.. so shove them up your backside.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Seriously, whoever invented this obnoxious thing.. go to hell.

I want to watch the world cup, not listen to your stupid bee swarm...

I also hope South Africa loses every future match because of how annoying their fans are being with these stupid horns.

Goodbye to the Cimmerian.

"Mourn not overmuch! Mighty was the fallen,
meet was his ending. When his mound is raised,
women then shall weep. War now calls us! " - Eomer

"Even in this gloom hope gleams again." - Eomer

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Market, To Market.

Received a 33% off coupon to use, So off to the Borders in the county of Clark I went. Lo, and behold I find, the Domesday book. Well, you say what did this marvel cost? The cover price was 30$, of which the store didst receive 2 portions, an additional 1/7th of these two portions was remanded to the county of Clark's official treasurer at the time of purchase. I having my aforementioned coupon was allowed to keep the remainder of the third.

oh what a monster tome it is too, compiled at the behest of William the conqueror's officialdom. This is a marvelously rich volume filled with historical treasures, as well as tax records of who owed how much to whom. Pretty dry reading I suppose, I imagine I'm the only person in the county who would willingly read this without the threat of being graded on it.