Monday, July 18, 2011

Caress of Steel.

I know this song came out a bit before the novel.. but every time I listen to them I wonder if Terry brooks had this album. Though it's probably also a bias on my part.. After all I some what consider RUSH's (a band I like btw)early albums to be pastiches of Led Zeppelin. So it makes them thematically similar to Brooks being a Tolkien Pastiche.

None of this is to say that some how the Band is at fault for the Sword of Shannara existing.. but I can't help but connect the three men of Willowdale to Shea, Flick, Menion Leah and Shady Vale.


Brian Murphy said...

You know, you might be on to something there...

Excellent album, by the way. I love "The Fountain of Lamneth."

Lagomorph Rex said...

It is a fantastic album.

Thats something I've gotten called on in the past, when I claim that RUSH is a Led Zeppelin Pastiche (The same way HEART's first few albums are).. it dosen't mean I'm dismissing them. It actually is a huge compliment..