Wednesday, January 18, 2012

... Do what you want cause a Pirate is Free.

Alright. I'm pretty mad now. In case you aren't aware a whole host of websites are protesting SOPA by taking themselves offline and replacing themselves with black censor bars. It's not going to do a bit of good because none of the big ones are doing it. Google isn't. Yahoo isn't. AOL and Microsoft sure aren't. The thinking goes that if they make the internet annoying enough people will write to their congressmen and senators and blah blah blah democratic processes blah blah blah while they continue to delude themselves that those letters don't go directly into the Round File so the politician they wrote to can get back to suckling at the uhh.. appendage.. of the Mugwump of big business.

Writing letters won't change anything. If these websites really want to change something they need to play the game properly. Steven Colbert is doing it right now and mocking it all the way to the bank. Set up a PAC, SuperPAC, 401c etc. Spam the crap out people with Direct Mailings accusing the politicians who support it with negative attack adds. Accuse them of supporting clubbing baby seals or something. Hell, accuse them all of speaking French, or looking French for that matter.. it seems to be all it takes to tank some one's political career these days.

If they think this stunt is going to make me waste my time writing to some spineless, greedy, bought and paid for corporate shill of a politician they are having a laugh. All it's doing is making me and doubtlessly plenty more people mad at the websites for not being accessible.

So yeah, The Oatmeal, Jimmy Wales, even all you are doing is engaging in annoying self aggrandizement and it's not going to change anything because you're just not important enough.

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