Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Scott-i-verse.

Recently there have been a number of articles floating around on the internet revolving around some Easter eggs off of the new Prometheus DVD. Specifically the a journal entry where Weyland relates a conversation with Tyrell from Blade Runner. Their conversation is related to whether Tyrell's Replicants or Weyland's Androids are the wave of the future in terms of artificial humanoids.

This is to me, precisely the sort of thing that makes me get excited.. I love stuff like the Wold Newton Universe and Comic Book Crossovers.. I felt that what Marvel pulled off with the Avengers films, and is likely to amplify with future releases, was really cool. I love it when a plan comes together.

So, to see Ridley Scott at least playing around with the idea of his movies tying into one another at least in a thematic way is rather exciting.

When taken together, Scott's films tend to deal with common themes, especially dreams and what it means to be human, and what i means to have faith in something. Prometheus, Alien, Blade Runner, but also Legend deal with the major themes of Humaneness and Dreams..

 Certainly if we consider the theory presented that the reason the Engineers were planning to destroy humanity with the black slime was related to an engineer, supposed savior of humanity, being nailed to some planks of wood and then fought over for 2000 years, Really changes the view of the historical epics that Scott made.. though I'm not saying that his historical epics should be included.. but I could certainly see an argument for it...

What if all of his movies, mainly just his Sci-fi/Fantasy films, are actually connected? What if Legend is just a dream in the mind of a replicant? What if Tyrell corporation was an early competitor with Weyland industries...

I suppose we might eventually find out if the proposed sequel to blade runner gets off the ground..

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