Saturday, January 5, 2013

Of Malazanites and Others.

Yup, just doing an obligatory first post in the new year. I don't really expect to be updating either of my blogs that frequently over this year as I'm taking a very full class load at school, trying to earn as many credits as I can at the cheaper commuter school before transferring in August.

Last year I set myself a goal of 75 books, down from the 150 I had set myself the year before. Both times I've managed to meet or exceed those goals, but both times were also a bit of a stretch to achieve. This year I've set the several very modest goals. 1) I intend to read as many books as I can this year. 2) I plan to finish Erikson and Esselmont's massive (It's like, sagans* in length) Malazan series to all finished volumes. 3) Finish the Wheel of Time with the publication of "Memory of Light" next week. 4) I would also like to finish reading all of the remaining works in Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion sequence. And with that, I think I've just about filled in all my free time, we'll see how it goes.

Hopefully will be going to Paganfest 2013 to see Tyr and Heidevolk and others provided they have a show in Atlanta or Greenville..

And then in August I'll be moving, which I'm excited about and scared to death about at the same time.

*sagan definition

 /say'gn/ (From Carl Sagan's TV series "Cosmos") Billions and billions. A large quantity of anything. 

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