Sunday, November 22, 2009

NPR's the 50 most important recordings of the Decade - AKA, Who the hell Are these people?!

I happened across NPR's top 50 albums of the decade.. A few of the artists I've heard of, if not actually heard, with no desire to hear them.. A few I have heard, and don't want to hear again.. because well.. they suck.. but the vast majority I've never even heard of.. So I dunno if this is because its NPR and they purposefully picked obscure acts or if I'm just epically out of touch with the " Mainstream ", No bad thing if you ask me.. which of course you obviously are if you're reading this..

I Echo the comment from one Eric Wenner, " If these are the 50 most "game changing" albums no wonder the music industry is struggling." I'd like to add to that if this is the future of music, then I want no part of it.

I do actually own one of the albums listed.. the Soundtrack to "O' brother Where art thou?" So its the only one I can say I've listened to all the way through.. On the other hand.. Having Robert Plant's solo album on here.. I take as a personal insult.. he can churn out crap like that but can't be arsed to do a Led Zeppelin Reunion tour.. They should just get David Coverdale back or something..

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