Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Shambling Hordes of Urban Fantasy

Bit late on this I suppose but I just found it.. Over on his blog, Tim Holman wrote a post on Urban Fantasy's tremendous ascension to the top spot in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi market..

I Can't say I truly understand it.. Laurel K. Hamilton is nothing but smut and gore, the rest are endless re-hashes of anti-hero vampire novels.. bought and consumed by people who don't realize that with the exception of Blade, Vampires are "The bad guys". Stephen Dorff " These people are our food! " levels of bad.. why make books about them endlessly trying to make them into heroic characters..

I'm not even sure what makes these books " Fantasy "... They don't have dragons or Swords or castles or any of the things I normally associate with " Fantasy ".. These books are less Fantasy than they are 3rd rate knockoffs of Anne Rice.. who is, I feel directly responsible for this travesty. I've seen the types of people who read these books.. They tend to frequent the New Age isle too.. looking for books to help them master the Burning Spell.. or something.. This key bit of information obviously wasn't a personal insight either.. Stephany Myer grasped it too and thus the world is stuck with crap like Twilight and now its insipid sequel " New Moon " .. Pro tip for all teenage boys, read them.. talk about how deep they are and how much they mean to you.. and you will get laid. Frequently.

This whole business is just more proof that the Book companies are wising up to the fact that 90%* of all books sold in the U.S. are bought by 10%* of the population, and 60%* of the people who buy books are Female. Why even bother marketing or paying people to write stuff for a minority of consumers? These " Urban fantasy " books are the written equivalent of Boy Bands.

I'm not going to say that my tastes in books are less geeky or whatever than any other.. But I will say that they are better books, because I like them. Thats how Opinions and Preferences work..

*all estimations.

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