Friday, April 2, 2010

Ok, I was wrong.

A few weeks ago I posted about the Multi-Tome Epic, and how not all of them drag on and on and remain forever Unfinished. I listed a number of series which were in fact complete from beginning to end.

I apparently spoke too soon, in the case of listing, "The Sword of Truth" as one of those Finished Series. As early this morning on his his website, Terry Goodkind's Webmasters posted a really shoddy video teaser for the new Richard and Kahlan Novel.

I can only assume that, with his modern day Thriller, Law of Nines practically being given away at most major book sellers since a few weeks after its totally overblown release.. And despite the fact that Goodkind apparently despises "Fantasy".. He has chosen to come back to the Genre in order to continue to milk the emaciated cow that is his Sword of Truth novels for one more bucket full of cash.

Makes me wonder, did he choose to write a new SOT novel due to Nines tanking so spectacularly, or did he choose to do it when Legend of the Seeker was (lamentably) canceled?

It's a shame that this was posted at 12am on April 2nd.. making it impossible to write it off as an April Fool's prank..

I've no other information regarding it, but all I can hope is that its a better Ending for the series than the 3 volume Chainfire Trilogy was..

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