Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Sentinels Curse.

Hi there, Just gotten over a 10 day stretch of 10 hour days.. rather exhausting.

I have begun re-reading the Jack McKinney Robotech Novels in my spare time.. I'm up to the 7th book chronologically "The Zentradi Rebellion". What makes me mention this is, I read today on that the proposed live action Robotech film has been indefinitely postponed. and that " More than likely due to complications would focus more on the southern cross and new generations segments.. rather than the more popular Macross segment" .. all I can say is.. if you aren't going to adapt the Macross portion.. don't even bother.

Robotech, in case you aren't aware, was one of those " Gee, we really need 85 episodes in order to meet syndication numbers so lets cobble together a couple of unrelated series in order to get them". Unlike a lot of people on the internet.. I don't have any problem with this at all. I actually prefer both Robotech and Voltron to their original Japanese components. But I also can state that most people who remember those two shows, Remember the Macross and Lion-bot portions.. not the New Generation, Southern Cross and Dairugger XV portions..

Considering how much it would cost to actually adapt the Macross saga to live action, I can understand that it could be a purely financial move.. But I also have to guess that, their ticket sales numbers won't be nearly as high if its Scott Bernard or Dana Sterling instead of Rick Hunter on screen..

The title of the post is a reference to the abandoned "Robotech II: The Sentinels" series.. which has never really been finished. the TV series was abandoned after a spike in exchange rates caused Matchbox to balk at the cost. And the comic book adaption swapped two publishers and was abandoned about 80% of the way through. It took nearly 5 years for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles to be released.. and then it was rather dull and boring. And the sequel to that Robotech: Shadow Rising is likewise "Indefinitely postponed". This is what in the Robotech Fandom is refereed too as the Sentinels Curse.. Personally I think its all the negative waves imitating from

See, there is a lot of animosity from fans of "SDF Macross" towards fans of Robotech, Towards Carl Macek, Towards Robotech anything in general. They generally will attack anyone who even mentions it.. even on completely unrelated forums. But the problem is, their show really isn't any better than the US localization. They simply are the ultimate example of the butthurt wapanese anime fans who can't stand it that you won't learn Japanese and eat pockey while watching some dodgy fansubs on 3rd generation VHS tapes. They claim that Harmony Gold's embargo on Macross product into the us, ostensibly because of perceived product confusion, is bunk. But I've news for you.. I spent a lot of time as a kid trying to figure how how Macross Plus, Attack of the Bioroids( a really crappy dub of "Macross:Do you remember love") and Macross II the Movie fit into the Robotech chronology.. But this was before the days of the Internet and DVD's.. back when I only had the first 36 episodes on VHS (and that cost a small fortune to collect.. at 20$ a tape with 2 episodes per tape).. So I can say from personal experience that the concerns over product confusion are valid. (of course the Macross fans would say, "then simply stop selling Robotech, burn all the masters and bury all the dvds, books and comics in a hole in the desert along with all those copies of ET for the Atari! and watch the vastly superior, cures all the worlds societal ills original series in Japanese!.. and you better not use any damned subtitles you Baka Sushi Yokohma Gaijin!"

This has been a major peeve of mine for as long as I've had the internet. And I've got one other Pro-Tip.. Its a Cartoon, And by their vary nature.. All cartoons are dubbed.

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