Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Prefered Outcome, and some general musings

England and the USA are both going onto the round of 16.

Since I've got a lot of connection to England, I was highly conflicted going into the England V. USA game at the start of the world cup... I really didn't want to have to deal with the ribbing (albeit polite) from my relatives that "Its ok, you yanks just don't have it in you"... It's cute the first half dozen times but by the time I've finished a 2 week trip over there I would have heard it many times more than that..

I was extremely happy to have gotten that tie... I wish it hadn't required Mr. Green becoming a laughing stock back home to get it, however.

So, now both teams moved on.. both halves of me are still in.

This will probably be my last world cup post, as I've gotten all I really wanted out of it already. Everything else will just be extra sauce on the side.

After my Oral Surgery my mouth is nearly healed up.. had my first Salad in 3 weeks last night and It was sorely missed. I was really getting tired of soft foods. Shame though as I'd tried to convince the dentist to rinse the things off and give em too me.. but he wouldn't... so much for my idea of a 3rd molar necklace...

So.. hopefully now that these too distractions are waning I can get back to posting more regularly on here.. Only gotta make myself read 100 more pages of Steve Perry's abortion of a novel that is the end of his Conan Quadrilogy on Hyborean Apocrypha and I get to move on to re-reading some REH.

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