Tuesday, June 1, 2010

To Market, To Market.

Received a 33% off coupon to use, So off to the Borders in the county of Clark I went. Lo, and behold I find, the Domesday book. Well, you say what did this marvel cost? The cover price was 30$, of which the store didst receive 2 portions, an additional 1/7th of these two portions was remanded to the county of Clark's official treasurer at the time of purchase. I having my aforementioned coupon was allowed to keep the remainder of the third.

oh what a monster tome it is too, compiled at the behest of William the conqueror's officialdom. This is a marvelously rich volume filled with historical treasures, as well as tax records of who owed how much to whom. Pretty dry reading I suppose, I imagine I'm the only person in the county who would willingly read this without the threat of being graded on it.

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