Wednesday, December 1, 2010

again with the book club editons.

After some recent troubles with Borders books, I've decided to cease shopping with them.. and instead turn my resources towards filling in some gaps in my collection. So I started out by purchasing the 6, Crown of Stars (by Kate Elliott) books I needed in hardcover on Amazon marketplace. The total was nothing spectacular, and I can now trade in my paperbacks. However, as they began to arrive, some came in just as I expected and two of them came in, in the dreaded book club format. I politely explained the situation to the sellers, returned the books, and was issued refunds. I then re-ordered the two that had been incorrect. One of them came in as the normal hardcover, then the other came in a second time as.. book club format.

Several other books I've ordered have come in this way as well, I ordered a hardcover copy of the second volume of Stephen R. Donaldson's Mordant's Need. It came in in book club, the seller is going to refund my money but now I have to wait around for a replacement to come in.

It's not exactly a hardship I hear you saying, Theres nothing wrong with the book club books persay, I simply feel that it is false advertising, or lazy, to not list that your book for sale is in fact not the real hardcover book. This is excusable if the book has never been issued in hardcover otherwise.. if I bought The Chronicles of the Black Company in hardcover, I'd know I was getting a book club edition since its never been released in any format other than that and trade paperback.

So yeah, please, people who re-sell used books online.. take the extra 5 seconds when you check the notes in the front and it says *BOOK CLUB EDITION* or *PUBLISHED FOR SFBC by >insert publisher here<* to make a note of it on your item description. It will save both of us time and aggravation.

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