Sunday, January 23, 2011

The pickings are a little slim.

With the holiday rush at work mostly subsided, and caught up after the Great "Let's all freak out over the snow and wreck our cars" of 2011. And as I generally do when I have the free time/money, I've been hitting up all the local Goodwill's looking for finds.

Generally following the Christmas season is a great time to do this.. and if I was looking for a tube-TV or a DVD player I'd have been in luck.. But everything else has been slim pickings indeed. The book sections at the stores are fairly denuded.. unless you are in the mood for some Harlequin paperbacks or college textbooks that none of the vultures (book re-sellers) can get money for.. you are pretty much out of Luck.

In years past, I could go in just about any goodwill and find at least 1 or 2 books or albums I wanted but didn't have, or didn't know I wanted at all.. but with these three trips over the last week I barely found anything at all. Certainly nothing worth noting. I'd thought I'd lucked up on a volume of Medieval Illuminations.. until I got the book home and realized some one had neatly sliced all the full page prints out. Highly depressing.

I'm hoping this isn't a portent of things to come, especially after how good the book sales were last year. I dunno, maybe my area is just denuded of people who have anything left to donate.. Maybe I need to widen my search area a bit.

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