Friday, January 7, 2011

Star Wars on Blu-Ray

Its finally happening, a big monster of a box set with all 6 films and 30 hours of bonus materials.. is going to come out in September.

I've held off buying the films on DVD, I owned the original trilogy on Laser Disc and am rather ambivalent towards the prequels.. I don't dislike them as so many seem too, but I don't have to have them either.. And my favorite of the original 3 is Return of the Jedi.. I don't really care for Empire at all.. I say this because I want to go ahead and get all the Cheeto smeared T-Shirt wearing basement dwellers, aka about half of the internet, good and riled up for what I'm about to say next.

I hope Lucas Changes some more stuff, and I support him in his quixotic quest for perfection. It's his movie and he can do whatever he wants to do to it. And if you don't like it, don't watch it, but if you enjoy a really fine example of Space Opera.. then by all means, come on over and we will watch it on my 19" TV.

I may not like all the changes he makes, some of them, like Greedo shooting first, are asinine.. and some, like the musical number in Jabba's palace, are just pointless.. but some of them, for instance, beefing up the space battles.. really add to the scope of the films. I really hope they fix the Lightsabers..

In the past, blu-ray hasn't interested me much.. I didn't really think that it could improve on a lot of films.. and the idea of constantly having to update the firmware to watch new releases caused me some concern.. But I think Star Wars is a big enough deal to make me finally break down and buy the player.. I'd really had to fight temptation not to get one after 2009's Star Trek... As it had some fantastic visuals.. But it was mainly less about appearance than cost.. I didn't fancy paying out 30$ a movie on top of a 200$ player.. but now.. its roughly comparable to DVD costs.. some cost more.. some less than the DVD.. and with's daily and weekly specials.. you can build up a fantastic blu ray library for not a whole lot of money..

So September, I'm going to splurge and get my TV, Blu Ray and Star Wars Megaset.. and drag them all back to my mom's basement and watch them while eating Cheetos (hopefully without getting any dust on my T-Shirt) and enjoy every minute of it.. at least until the credit card bill comes in.

As a complete side note, I hope Disney completely replaces all of the visual effects in 1982's TRON to match Legacy before they re-release it.. And with that I've just pissed off the other half of the internet..


Brian Murphy said...

You Bastard!

But no, seriously, Lucas' changes/updates don't bother me much, either. Of course, this is coming from someone who owns the original trilogy on VHS only.

But I am pissed that you aren't part of the Empire Strikes Back cult. I am.

Lagomorph Rex said...

well to that I can reply its simply 100% nostalgia. I was introduced into the Galaxy far far away, backwards.

My first experience was Caravan of Courage, and then Battle for Endor, and only then did I see the original films. I watched them in order, but I think that while New Hope and Jedi are just about right for some one who liked Caravan and Battle of Endor.. Empire was just a bit too much for me.. I think I was about 4 at the time I saw them all.

Now I can appreciate it, and can take the time required for listening to dialogue and understanding it.. but its still not my favorite.