Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trivium @ the Georgia Theater.

Last night was a something of an odd experience for me. It was the first concert I've been to in about 4 years or so, but it was also the first Metal show in the newly rebuilt Georgia Theater, which burned down rather spectacularly several years ago.

The show featured three groups which I really didn't have much experience with. A local band from Athens: Savagist, a group from Atlanta: Dead to the World, and then the headliners, Trivium.  All three groups put on spectacular shows, and I look forward to seeing more from all of them.

Savagist ~

Dead to the world ~

Trivium also did a very good cover of Mettalica's Creeping Death during their encore.

Next show I'll be going to see Clutch.


Brian Murphy said...

Nice. I like the Creeping Death cover.

Is that your camerawork?

Lagomorph Rex said...

Not mine, just some one else in the audience.