Saturday, June 2, 2012

Classic City Roller Girls V. Chattanooga

Tonight was the last Home Game for the Classic City Roller Girls until August, and I just couldn't miss it. Arrived a bit early and hung around outside for a while until the bout started. When it did, both teams really performed well, but the Chattanooga girls got an extremely heavy lead very very early. They shot up by about 30pts in the first 5 minutes of the bout, and completely shut down the local team. The Athens team tried their best to catch up, and wound up getting about a 1-2 final score, but it was no close match for sure.

If you've never been to a Roller Derby match, you are missing out on something unique. It's an extremely fast paced and exciting sporting event where you don't have to worry about low scores. Plus, you get your hand stamped with 70's porn staches' for re-entry into the venue should you leave at any time. It's quirky, quick, and only lasts about an Hour and  a half tops. If you're not sure your city has a team, you can check Google, it seems as if most midsize cities have at least one team, while larger cities like Atlanta occasionally have more than one.

Tonight the CCRG was also working hard to raise money for Camp Kasem, and organization run by UGA to send kids who's parents have cancer to Summer camp. I chipped in what I could as I felt it was a good cause, anyone who's had to deal with a parent who's ill, let alone a prolonged illness deserves a break now and then.

All in all another fun night out in Athens, and another reason why even though I really have no use for the state of Georgia.. I'm glad I live where I do.

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