Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Malazan Roadmap.

Now, before anyone jumps me.. I apologize if I've made any errors.. and will happily fix them.. but from what I can gather and from what I've read this is more or less how the series lays out or is projected to lay out.. once the last of Ian Cameron Esselmont's "Malazan Empire" novels are finished..

Red: Steven Erikson
Blue: Ian Cameron Esslemont


Trey said...

I haven't read all the books to be able to say. Looks good from what I know.

Lagomorph Rex said...

Yeah I'm totally guessing on the two announced yet unreleased ICE books. Apart from a few tiny snippets of information theres not a lot to go on as far as Placement.

I left the Kharkanus Trilogy (The new Prequel series) off entirely.. since it does lead into Gardens of the Moon.. it's so distant I didn't feel it needed to be included here.

All in all, this just makes this series that much more complicated... but definitely worth the effort.

Beth D. said...

Awesome sauce that you made that!!

Beth ^_^

Lagomorph Rex said...

well I found that there really isn't anything that shows it like that, and felt that was a mistake for a series that is as complicated as this one is.

Granted, the roadmap needs to be made even more accurate, since some of the books over lap each other rather than simply are sequels to each other, but I was inspired by a roadmap I'd found for the Discworld books, and though it also wasn't perfect.. really helped me as a novice discworld fan to find out which storylines I really wanted to read about.

Ultimately I want to do a roadmap similar to this for Forgotten Realms...