Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beer Review - Sam Adams Summer Ale

They've been advertising this stuff like gangbusters on TV lately.. and I'll admit my bias is towards dark English Ales (I really like Hobgoblin and Newcastle for a more mundane choice) so I am biased against this one due to its status as a lighter color'd ale. The real reason I got this is, well if I'm going to have Beer on the 4th of July then it had better not be a British beer.. so I bit the bullet and bought some from Sam Adams. Besides, the guy who runs that company is such a nerd you can't help but like him.. he is like the Rick Steves of the beer world..

That said, I think it could have done without the Lemon zest which lends it an almost oily aftertaste. It has a light flavor which I assume comes from it being made of wheat instead of malted barley.. but yet has a lot more flavor than Budweiser or Miller which are mostly made from Corn and Rice... Other than that it's decent.. but it's not as good as some of Sam Adam's Other products.. I don't think I will rush right out and buy it again though.. I'm going to stick to their Marzenbeir in October as far as their seasonable brews go.

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