Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Dark Tower Part 2

While I've not been up to much lately, and it shows since I've not been updating anything at all.. I've just finished off "The Waste Lands" which is the third in the series of the Dark Tower. I enjoyed it more than " The Drawing of the three" but the scenes with Roland, Sussanah and Eddie were far superior to the mucking about with Jake... But I felt the same way about the previous one.. so long as they are in " Roland's world" then I seem to enjoy it.. when its in "The real world" I kind of lose interest.

The giant cyborg bear was a neat idea, I'm sorry he had to die though.. Blaine the Mono is a grand villain as well.. and shows a depth of creativity.. who exactly else other than Stephen King would ever come up with a A Psychopathic, senile Monorail with an insatiable hunger for Riddles who wishes to commit suicide and take the main characters with him?

The book ends on a cliffhanger, with the characters in the embrace of Blaine as he is speeding them towards his final destination of Topeka Kansas, how will it end? Who knows!? I will just have to keep reading and find out. Onwards to Volume IV the Wizard and Glass.. and also the short story which initially got me to buy the series in the first place " The Little sisters of Eluria" which was in the first Legends volume..

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