Monday, July 5, 2010

Geneology is Fun.

So I found out last night that through my Great Grandmothers fathers family.. I'm distantly related to Two French Huguenot Generals, Several Knights, a Baroness, a lesser Plantagenet, an assorted slew of Bishops and Earls, a king of Acre.. and Clovis II of the Franks.

Have no idea if it's true or not.. but I'm going to cherish it forever.

All the other sides of my family have totally let me down on this..


Trey said...

While I've never got into geneology myself, but my parents are. My mother's in the "Daughters of the Magna Carta Barons" and (through that ancestor) related to Charlemagne.

Lagomorph Rex said...

It's always been something that my mom was more interested in than I was. I know more or less that my family is Anglo-Welsh on my mothers side and German on my fathers.. But I'd found some relative of my grandfather's who had done all this work on his mom's family and found the new revelations.. it's funny mainly because all the other sides of my family were skilled people.. My fathers family were shoemakers and my Mothers family were Tanners and then Railroad employees.. But as far as I knew my grandfathers family were all just Sharecroppers... So it was a big shock to find out that at one time they were far more important..