Sunday, March 6, 2011

Making Headway on the Hybroean Apocrypha.

So after an unfortunate shutdown of a couple of months, I've gotten back to work winnowing away my pile of Conan Pastiches. They are definitely not something one should take in large doses, as they are repetitive and mind-numbing for the most part.

It was a project that started out with all the best intentions, but it just quickly became a project in which I was having to force myself to slog through books which, at best Dull and at best just plain Bad. They all tend to reek of the feeling that if they had just been about 100 pages shorter they likely would all be thought better of to some extent.. and it's a shame that Tor saw the need to force the 290 - 310 page format onto the authors.

Speaking of repetitive and mind-numbing, I'm Right now working on Steve Perry's Conan the Fearless.. which oddly enough.. Isn't that bad... at least when compared to his later (though chronologically earlier) works that I've already read.

It's still not going to be as easy as I thought it was going to be when I started out. It's turned into another case of me hearing the warnings and ignoring them and rushing into madness to see for myself. That's really something I've got to work hard to curtail in future.

So if you have any interest, the first couple of installments are currently up with more to follow in the days ahead.

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