Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Map like thing, Mach 2

I've updated with some more examples, trying to diversify the authors a bit more, I'm still trying to work in exactly where i feel David Gemmel should go but I'm not quite sure yet.. I'm also going to be trying to work in people like Patricia Mckillip and a couple of divergences in order to accommodate adding writers such as Charles Saunders who basically started an entire sub genre of a sub genre..

I'm also going to be adding Chambers, Machen and Beirce to the top row.. Anyway, feedback is appreciated and will help improve the final product.


Trey said...


I'm not entirely sure what all your trying to characterize here: Is it just socialization of protagonist? subgenre influences?

If its the latter two, then your missing some influences. The Gothic tradition was influential on Wagner's Kane (particularly Melmonth the Wanderer) as was psychedelia to a degree. I suspect psychedelia also influenced Elric.

If the former, what's your operational difference of anti-social, and sociopathic? In modern psychiatry the terms are synonymous (though admittedly, we don't use the second much).

Lagomorph Rex said...

Well it's mainly on a scale. I'm still working on developing the sliding scale.. 1 being fairly generic and 10 being pretty serious about it.. It's all very complicated and requires a good bit of math. I suppose the difference would be, Travis Bickle is anti-Social and Hannibal Lector is a Sociopath. Anti-Social turned to 11 if you would be so kind as to pardon the Spinal Tap reference.

Even if something is near a word on that particular map, dosen't mean thats a permanant place. And I may wind up using the Esoterica definitions of Left and Right Hand Path or a home brew variation of that instead of the scale I've got now.

I realized that I'd missed or simply forgotten to include a metric ton of influences, and so I've gone back to the drawing board and am trying to fashion a sort of family tree. It's beginning to a lot in common with my relatives from Alabama though as branches are crossing more and more frequently.

But at the moment I'm working on that, and a Cartesian grid to try and plot the books into quadrants which will be similar to this.. and a pie chart to see how the bulk of the genre as a whole works out. I'm sure that plain jane epic fantasy will be the bulk of it..