Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Were on the road to rock.

The First, Kick Axe is one of those 80's bands which you've undoubtedly heard their music but probably have no idea who they were. I can guarantee you've heard their music if you've ever watched the 1986 film, "Transformers: The Movie", They did the bulk of the music under a pseudonym of Spectre General. They covered another mostly forgotten 80's hair metal band, King Kobra's song Hunger in that film as well.

Even still, while I can't say I'm a huge fan of King Kobra, they were alright and had a few decent songs.. they alas went totally tango uniform when their singer, Mark Free, decided he wanted to become Marci Free instead.

Kick Axe on the other hand, still sometimes tours the Canadian rock circuits.


Deeply Dapper said...

Kick Axe! I haven't thought about them in AGES!

Lagomorph Rex said...

I've actually bought one of two of their albums, I'm slowly, ever so slowly, working on a "Master edit" of the Transformer's cartoon.. and thought the need might arise for more music at some point.

But of course right now it only exists on notepaper, as I don't have a PC good enough to actually attempt editing anything.