Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Television Tuesday - Hercules and the Amazon Women.

I've decided since I can, and haven't watched all the episodes, that I'll be reviewing the whole series starting with the movies.

Back before the TV series started, they made several Tele-films with the same cast that would eventually go on to star in the series. They are notable for starring Anthony Quinn as Zeus, but otherwise mostly forgettable. They are also notable for being the source of much of the footage used in the opening sequence of the TV series.

Right from the start you can tell its got a low budget, not as low a budget as Conan the Adventurer, but not as good as the later seasons of Hercules and Xena.

We are sort of thrown right into the middle of things, A fellow is getting married and Hercules is to be his best man. This fellow is Iolaus, a long time companion of the half god. He's also portrayed by a much better actor than Kevin Sorbo. He's marrying a woman for some reason he can't quite pin down, and paid a lot for her dowry to boot. She can't cook, dosen't clean, but she is pretty to look at. Sometimes looks is enough.

They go to visit Herc's mother, Alcmene. On their way there they come across a little girl crying. She half tells them a sob story about her dad getting eaten by a monster. Just as they are fixing to fall for her ruse she turns into a Hydra. After battling this beast, clearly put their by Hera, who is out to complicate Herc's life, the two continue on their way to Alcmene's house. While they are there, Zeus pays a visit and tries to help Hercules understand some things.

They head back to town, where Hercules has supper at Ioalus's house. As was told, the wife to be dosen't exactly know how to cook, so its an interesting meal. Before they can tie the knot however, a representative from a village comprised entirely of men comes to seek Hercules's aid. It seems their women have grown tired of them being lay-a-bouts and have run off to found their own village and alligned themselves with Hera.

All manner of adventures ensue, Lots of poorly rendered (by 2011 standards anyway) CGI monsters are slain, and in the end the wedding is still no closer. Seriously, it ends before the wedding. But the show is as I remembered it packed with humour. It's campy but seems to be totally aware of its camp and revels in it. Even though he didn't actually have anything to do with this first movie, It's extremely Sam Raimi..


David J. West said...

This is the only one I own (found it dirt cheap) This also has Lucy Lawless as an Amazonian captain.

Lagomorph Rex said...

Yeah I noticed that, It was pretty cool since its still a while yet before the Xena character shows up.