Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Austraian Oak? More like the Austrian Joke.

This isn't really anything all that important, but I've got to get it off my chest. For all my sure to come complaints about the new Conan movie, of which the trailer has just been released finally. I can't help but feeling that my main complaint are with those who are angry at the film for no reason other than not having Arnold Swarzegnegger in it. This of course is only exacerbated by fact hes no longer governor of California and is planning to resume acting.

Time and Time again I've found people both in real life and on the internet who are simply livid they would dare "Change" Conan so drastically. Beyond my anecdotes of people claiming that the character was created for Arnold to play. I've seen all manner of preposterous claims. One fellow on AICN was even trying to use Howard's own description as evidence that Arnold was perfect for the part. Apparently all other illustrations be they from the comics or novel covers.. totally got it wrong. I've not seen any one claiming that Howard picked Arnold to play the part yet.. but I'm sure theres some deluded fool out there that believes it. This seems to be the part that is so frustrating about it. No matter how many people you point it out too that Arnold isn't really that great of a Conan, they refuse to hear it. It's like dealing with Cult Members. (Which is Ironic, since the film also deals with Cult members)

But the part I don't understand the most, are the constant references to Arnold's "Charisma" on screen. This is something I really have trouble with.. since he spoke so few lines how would you know if he was Charismatic or not?

20 years ago I could have seen them making another Conan movie with Arnold in it, I'd probably even own it and watch it occasionally. But they didn't. Now it's a bit too late. The supports of Arnold however never cease to tire of pointing out that "They could still do the Iron Crown, Conan could go on one last adventure as an old king!" Just what we want, an adaption of Conan of the Isles. Arnold is flabby, out of shape, and has more or less just spent 8 years sitting on his ass behind a desk. He's not the Austrian Oak anymore. Theres lots of other films he could do, reprise characters that were actually developed for him.

Beyond Conan of course the other franchise everyone and their uncle wants him back on is The Terminator. I personally feel they only way this would work is with the CGI Arnold that was in Terminator Salvation. I felt he was already far too old to play the part convincingly in Terminator 3, and that came out nearly 10 years ago.

Personally, I'd like to see him do another True Lies, or even Kindergarten Cop. Most of my favorite Arnold films are the ones with a comedic edge to them. The man has pretty good timing especially when you make him the straight man to the insanity surrounding him. But I wouldn't turn up my nose at a reprisal of Dutch in another Predator movie.

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M. D. Jackson said...

Arnold has little charisma as an actor. His most successful portrayal is of a soulless killer robot. Whenever he tries to be "sincere" on screen it's mostly just embarrassing.

Momoa can portray far more depth than the "Austrian Oak" ever could. I think people will be surprised by him (if they give him a chance).