Monday, January 18, 2010

Nearly a Week Late, Happy Birthday to Clark Ashton Smith

On January 13th 1893, Clark Ashton smith was born, and thus was erected the 3rd pillar of the Weird Tales Temple. While his works are less well known than his compatriots H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard, do not mistake that for lack of talent. He had that in spades, in Art, Writing, Poetry and Sculpture.

During his tenure with Weird Tales he created numerous fantasies and weird stories, taking us to ancient Hyperborea and impossibly futuristic Zothique, to Martian Xiccarph and Doomed Poseidonis, Alas I don't know very much about Averoigne, his invented French village. I've only got the four Lin Carter edited volumes from the " Ballantine Adult Fantasy " series.. and the 5th volume, slated to contain the " Averoigne Cycle " was never released, though it was rumored to be completed.

Night Shade Books released a 5 volume Set of the " Collected Fantasies " but I'm not wealthy enough to afford their prices nearly 250$ for 5 Volumes was pushing it for me, Though there are some cheaper " Best of " volumes out now, and I recommend checking them out..

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