Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Transformers part 2, and Corporate Dicks.

In my last venture here I set to lay the foundations of what exactly The Transformers were. So if you are reading this and are a bit confused I suggest going back and reading the previous post.

So that brings us to what I originally wanted to talk about.

Having grown up as a serious Trans-Fanatic, I was distraught in 1990 (as a 6 year old) to learn that the line was going to be ending. I wrote a letter to Hasbro and received a very nice letter from Head of Boys Toys Development or more like from his Secretary, and a 9x11 color glossy of the artwork from the back of the 1984 packaging. I don't think I have the letter anymore but I do have the photograph.

My mom being a wonderful person called every store in the surrounding area, to try and find out what they had left so she could get me the few remaining bits from the 1990 line I didn't already have. So as a result of it, for a very long time the Micro Masters and Action Masters were my most complete part of my collection. Something I'm forever grateful for.

In 1991, she also went to the United Kingdom to visit relatives, and went to a toy store while she was there, and found that, while the line was no longer produced in the US, it was still being released with new toys in the UK, so I had a very good Christmas Morning that year as I had no idea these toys even existed let alone where " Santa " had found them.. I assumed for a few years that he had made them specially for me.. considering none of the other kids at school had them. They had rather odd names though, Boss and Flash, but others like Thunderclash and Skyquake were perfect Transformers names. Alas I didn't maybe do such a good job putting the stickers on them (yes, we used to have to put the stickers on our own toys for those of you born in 1995 or later).

1992, she eeked out the few last 91's she had purchased in the UK, a set of Yellow Constructicons without their components to combine.. I had many days playing with those in the driveway (sand) and having them build forts and stuff for my other figures.

1993, an odd thing happened.. while everyone else was caught in the midst of Power Ranger Mania.. The Transformers were back. As Transformers: Generation 2. Complete with a Cartoon, and a new comic book. The Comic at the time didn't do much for me.. but the Cartoon was a godsend. It was just a few Season 1 and 2 episodes shown out of order with new 3d bumpers tacked on.. but it was wondrous to me. Since I'd never seen most of these episodes at all.

I was going to include the first 3 episodes of Generation 2 for your viewing pleasure. However some Spanish media company named Selectavisión apparently dosen't want people in the US to be able to view cartoons which originated in the US. So they have had Youtube take the 2nd part of each episode down. Good Job, Dicks. So this leads to the creation of a new rant heading which will show up on this forum from time to time.. Corporate Dicks.

So Instead, Enjoy a montage of the Generation 2 Toy Commercials.

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