Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Transformers Part 3, Beast Wars Part 1

Following the lackluster run that Generation 2 had, Hasbro bought and merged its Boys Toys Department with Kenner, responsible for the Star Wars action figures, in 1994, 1995 brought a brand new Transformers line, one which built on some of the later Generation 2 figures, Ball Joints, Light Piping, among others. But the new figures were different, They transformed from Robots into Organic Animals. Needless to say at first, like many transformer fans, I was less than impressed. Transformers had always had animal transformers in the past, starting with 1985's Dinobots and Insecticons and continuing on until the Action master Partners in 1990.. But never had they had fake fur detailing or supposed to have actually been animals. A year later the TV show started, and it took some getting used too. Unlike what was given as the back story of the pack-in comic of the first wave toys, These weren't the same characters we grew up with.. I didn't get into buying the toys for a while, I was still to busy filling in gaps in my Generation 2 Collection courtesy of Toys R Us and K.B. Toy's Clearance Aisles.. But the Show, I never missed.. It was very well written.. and at the time stunningly animated.. We didn't see its like again until 2007's Transformers Animated came out.. a gap of nearly 10 years with no intelligently written TV shows..

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