Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For once, Some good news... maybe

According to most of the big Media clearing houses, Megan fox has been canned and will not be appearing in the 3rd Transformers film. However, I've got to wonder about this.. considering it was only a few days ago Bay also claimed that Mudflap and Skids would not be returning.. and yet they much like Megan fox have been spotted repeatedly on the set of the movie which is now filming in various locations around the country.

I guess my optimism that this is accurate is some what tamped down by my cynicism in that.. Micheal bay hasn't done anything right so far.. so why would he start now with firing her? I mean, why changes horses mid-race? Perhaps she just wasn't spray-tanny enough for him.. or she is too old or just isn't putting the sheen on his Ferrari enough to suit his tastes.. who can say.. after all who can really fathom the lives of the vapid and shallow.

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