Friday, May 21, 2010

Robin Hood

A lot of complaining about this one on the net, it seems its an unwritten law that you aren't allowed to make a robin hood movie without green tights and prancing through the woods ala Eroyl Flynn.. as if its the only Robin Hood movie we could possibly ever need.

I for one quite enjoyed the new movie, I didn't have any problems with it at all until Maid Marien warrior princess shows up.. but its such a tiny thing.. and she disappears so quickly.. I'm convinced that that addition was done at the behest of the studio focus groups.. She shows up, says a few words to a Crowe who's only backdrop is the English beach when just before he had loads of Cavalry and then when her troupe charges.. its as a separate filmed bit.. and then mark strong knocks her off her horse and she spends the rest of the movie wallowing in the surf until Crowe remembers to go back and get her.

nominally, this is a Historical movie and robin hood is only incidentally in it. The movie isn't so much about him as the general period between Richard and John. It is strange since most Robin Hood stories tend to be set during Richards captivity rather than after his death.. since so many of them feature the return of Richard as a pre-requisite of Robin and Marien marrying. I am really glad they didn't go that route, as Everyone has seen it a dozen times.

I perhaps did not like it as much as the Directors Cut of Kingdom of Heaven.. But not bad, with Richard at the end of KOH and at the Beginning of this.. It almost feels like a Trilogy with no middle section.. on the other hand I'm just as glad since if KOH was the first part and Robin Hood was the second part.. it would be sort of a let down.. But if they did another movie and focused it on some one else so that it was only incidentally the middle chapter.. that would be interesting.. I'd personally like to see it focus on Ghassan Mossoud's Saladin. as He did a phenomenal job on that.

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