Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So.. erm.. Yeah..

Gotta have my Wisdom Teeth taken out.. and a filling replaced due to pressure exerted on it via the erupting wisdom tooth.. best bit is, when I get done I will be totally, flat out broke.. its almost as if when they X-rayed my teeth, they X-rayed my bank account too and figured out exactly how much they could take to be short of an overdraft.

Thing is, I'd already been to see about my wisdom teeth, and two of them are totally MIA, apparently never to be heard of.. lost some where.. probably prancing around with Mr. Tumnus in Narnia or something.. but according to this dentist it's imperative I have them drill into my jaw, risk a punctured sinus.. all for two teeth which even according to them aren't causing any problems...

so.. I think I'm going to say thanks but no thanks on that.. if they cause problems will deal with it then..

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