Saturday, May 15, 2010

Iron Man 2

I'm not the biggest Marvel Comics Fan in the world, I've seen all the movies but never really jumped into the deep end of their comics. Preferring to stay in the shallows of their licensed properties like The Micronauts, Shogun Warriors, Transformers, GIJOE and Conan the Barbarian, So I can't really speak to how accurate to the comics this newest movie is.

It was a good movie, not a Great movie like the first Ironman.. which had everything you could really want in a comic book movie. This one had a great cast, but suffered from some annoying dialogue quirks. I feel this is directly related to who wrote the movie, the layered and babbling dialogue of Stark and Pots in this movie was high reminiscent of Justin Theroux's movie Tropic Thunder (also staring Robert Downey Jr.).

I've seen Iron Man 2 twice now, once on its own, and once after a fresh re-watch of the first one. I feel now that this second film is more of an Encore to the first movie rather than a true sequel, Much the same way Quantum of Solace is to Casino Royal. Best taken and watched back to back rather than separated by any serious length of time.

The Special effects were good, the cast was excellent, and Scarlet Johanson was really hot.. which made up for Gweneth Paltrow being really annoying. It had some good humor, and some really childish stupid stuff too.. which was something I wish they had left out.. but I feel that probably is the first inclination of interference by Marvel's new Rodent Overlords at Disney.

Chronologically this film also takes place before Robert Downey Jr's Cameo at the end of 2008's "The Incredible Hulk", and the After Credit's scene at the end of Iron Man 2 Sets up next years Marvel Release, Kenneth Brannaugh's "Thor".

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