Friday, October 1, 2010

netbook armed and ready comrade

you get a bunch of geek points if you can place the quote I paraphrased there.

been spending the last few hours getting my netbook all ready, got open office, firefox, chrome, pigin, security, the whole nine yards.. I'll neither confirm nor deny a torrent app. a few other things, like updating flash, silverlight, adobe reader.. and setting up my book marks. since its primarly for travel I've made sure to put all my travel tools on it. booking sites, favorite B&B's and Hostels that I've stayed at.. car rental... maps of various airports I've been through and am likely to go to again.

all in all its a neat little critter, the keyboard takes some getting used too so you will have to excuse any typos in this post.. its about half the size of what I'm used too. but it makes up for it by only weighing 4lbs.. slightly less than a jug of milk. loaded all the rest of my mp3s on it that didn't fit on my mp3 player... and while I was doing all this I watched Buckaroo Banzai on it via Netflix. which if you've never seen you really should.

starting next week, will be Voltron Wednesdays, sure its not as snappy as Warlord Wednesdays, but said with my Swiss friends accent and its Woltron Wednesdays... so it sort of works. I've never actually seen the entirety of Voltron.. but since they are fixing to start working on a live action version, i figure I better that way i will be better equipped to moan about how much the live action one sucks when it comes out.

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