Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Books I'm looking at for 2011 or not

was looking at Locus's list of upcoming books.. and color me disappointed..

The List goes all the way through June of 2011, and I can't find a single thing on it.. apart from maybe a new Elizibeth Moon book.. that I'm even remotely interested.. there are two Malazan books on the list.. but I don't really know much about that series. I know it gets touted as being great, and TOR certainly lavishes enough effort on them.. every one of them seems to have three different editions.. and its the only series from TOR that I think you can usually find every book in it in Trade Paperback format at most mega book stores.. but I've also heard that its its very much in the grim and gritty style which I really don't care for.. On the other hand.. I've heard a lot of people compare it to Glen Cook's black company books.. which I really liked.

So I dunno, looks like this year will be another year of scouring book sales, goodwill and ebay looking for authors I've read, books I've not read yet.

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