Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I admit it.

I managed to succeed in my goal of reading 150 books in the year 2010, with just about 36 days left to spare... A few times I was afraid I wouldn't succeed. it brings my total for the previous 10 years (since I've been keeping track) to 1400 books. Not all of the books I read were good, some were longer than others, but the average worked out to be about 300-400 pages per book. So a good estimate would be about 60,000 pages this year. could be slightly less, could be slightly more.

I won't post a complete list yet as I want to see just how many I can actually get completed. If I'm feeling particularly bored I might add up the actual number of pages I read too. It's maybe not that interesting.. but last year I only managed about 75.. so I'm certainly doing well in doubling that. but next year I doubt I will press myself so hard. rather than saying bluntly I've got to finish a book every 2.3 days I'd rather take my time and enjoy them all a bit more..and I also slacked off a lot on my non fiction reading this year in order to meet my goal. Reading dry non fiction just takes longer than reading novels.

Now that I met my goal, I'm going to go back and finish off Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series.. and then if I have enough time try again at reading Joe Abercrombie's First Law trilogy.


Brian Murphy said...

Holy cow, color me impressed. How do you do it? Have you developed some speed reading techniques, or do you stay up late, or what?

I'm trying to increase my reading speed, so I'd be interested in any techniques you've developed that don't sacrifice comprehension and enjoyment (too much, anyway).

Lagomorph Rex said...

well nothing really, I just force myself to read at least 150 pages a day of something.. I frequently have 4-5 books going at the same time..

I've usually got one on me at all times too.. so any time I have a spare moment I'll read a few pages.

Thats really all it takes though, is just doing it when you have the chance, and also forcing yourself to do it. The main thing though seemed to be last year I only read 75, and played world of warcraft.. this year I read 150 and played no world of warcraft.