Sunday, November 14, 2010

An REH mention.

Watching a movie on Netflix called "Comic Book Villains" and theres a character in it with the nickname "Conan" because he claimed that "Robert e. Howard was his great uncle"

The "Conan" character is played by the same actor who played Hyde on That 70's Show.

Its nothing earthshattering.. and I'm sure others have mentioned it in the REH fandom.. but I still found it to be neat.


Taranaich said...

Heh, cool. (Kind of hard to imagine being as REH didn't have any surviving siblings that we know of, but hey, it's a nice mention.)

Lagomorph Rex said...

the main character, played by DJ Qualls, actually says " Which I know is bullshit... " and then dosen't elaborate on as he gets cut off.