Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Conan book on Amazon, Conan the Barbarian: The Stories that inspired the movie

Having a look on amazon today I chanced across this Mass Market Paperback from Del Rey.

No cover art and No idea of the contents at this point, but its gonna be released on July 26. It's a slim 320 pages so Hopefully it will be the first in a series of Mass Market releases of the stories previously only available in the Trade Paperback series. If it does well and makes money, perhaps it can fend off the demise of the more luxurious Trade Paperback Series.

This is something I'd hoped to see for a while now, a stripped down Mass Market release from Del Rey of just the finished stories. Since while the current batch of Del Rey's are really nice, high quality product, their price and the presence of lengthy essays and introductions I've found scares new people off when I've tried to introduce them to it. The same thing happened with the new trade releases of Elric.

Perhaps they just come across as too scholarly or something.

Still I suppose only time will tell.. But I plan on buying a few copies to pass around to people who have previously only seen the movies.


Trey said...

That sounds like a good plan for spreading the "Howard gospel."

Lagomorph Rex said...

thats my hope anyway. So I really hope they pack it full of the best of the Conan yarns rather than putting stuff like "Vale of Lost Women" in it..

So long as its got Tower of the Elephant though I'll be happy..