Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wizard Smoothies

So here I am, just sitting here, beavering away at finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows. I'm probably slightly more than half way done.. and I've hit upon a raft of new questions about this series. Well .. annoyances really..

Why is it that every adult in the series up till now, practically crapped their pants every time some one mentioned Voldemort yet.. now they all seem to be working for him willingly? Why is it if he is so dangerous no one has bothered to do anything about him until now? Why is the series turning into an allegory about the Nazis? Surely the Wizard's would have known about World War II and Hitler.. and wouldn't have allowed that to happen to them? And this is the one they felt the need to make into a 5 hour 2 part film? Really? Nothing's happened so far.

It makes me wonder.. Why haven't they bothered to tell the "Muggles" that if Voldemort wins he plans to kill them all? Way back in the first book, one of the characters explains why the Wizarding world is invisible.. and thats because the "Muggles" kept burning them at the stake.. so apparently "Muggle" technology can lay the hurt down on a Wizard. And that was Swords and Pointy sticks.

So since pointy sticks work against wizards.. but no one seems to bother to use weapons.. I'd like to see a Broomstick Vs. an F-35.. It would be awesome... but instead, we are shown yet more hand wringing by practically every character. It shouldn't be surprising. The series' main character wouldn't even throw down on Draco Malfoy for insulting his mom.. he let Hermoine slug him instead. Cause I certainly wouldn't have stood for that and I can't think of too many kids who would. I mean, Thank god he didn't insult Kvothe from Patrick Rothfuss's Name of the Wind.. or he likely would have gotten a mouthful of high test booze to the face and a quick light.

So most importantly why are none of the Wizarding groups in other countries doing anything about this? Voldemort poses a threat to the whole planet and not just jolly ol' England. The only allies Harry seems to have are a few Wizards and Witches from France.. all the rest of the European magic users seem to be behind Voldemort.. But Harry is no Bernard Montgomery... and Madame Maxine is no Leclerc.. Maybe Dr. Strange, Harry Dresden and Willow & Tara need to go and sort things out for them..

Kid's book or not, even Bilbo carried a sword and kicked some spider ass. And its such a shame because the series started out with such promise of being a relatively light children's series about magic and everyone being a unique snowflake and all that. But instead the author decided she wanted to make it Epic, with a Dark Lord and all that.. and failed miserably.

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