Thursday, June 2, 2011

Book Trading.

I went yesterday down to my local Trade-A-Book store with two bag fulls of stuff. I mainly buy it at goodwill and Book sales.. even if I have no desire to read it.. and then take it and trade it in..

At a recent library sale, I'd attend on the last day, which is usually when they do the Fill a Bag for 5$ I'd lucked up and found a near complete run of Glen Cook's Black Company novels. I've already got them, so they went straight in the pile to trade. I very rarely keep books I've read that are "Non Genre". Stuff like "The Reader". It was a decent enough book, but I have no desire to read it again. Lots of Literary works are that way. I don't have much desire to do "Deep Reads" of them. I view them as stories and nothing more.. I don't go kicking over rocks I find just to see whats under them.

So usually these are sacrificed on the alter of barter, in exchange for expensive or rare paperbacks that most people wouldn't consider worth the paper they are printed on. It's how I got all my Kothar and Kyrik books..

I walked out with nearly 150$ in credit, one of Gardner Fox's Llarn books, a few nice Ballantine, Zebra and Berkley Fantasy's and some more books about the middle ages to fill in my library a bit more. Now I just have to make up my mind if I want to go back and blow my credit on the 3 volumes they've got from White Wolf's Eternal Champion series of Mike Moorcock Reprints.

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