Monday, June 27, 2011

Mighty Morphin' Mondays.

Episode 4 "A Pressing engagement"

Jason (The Red Ranger) is having some personal quandaries due to his inability to best Bulk's Bench-pressing records. This creates a lot of self doubt, which Rita takes advantage of in order to try and split the team up. She sends the monstrous King Sphinx (different from Goldar) to attack Angel Grove while Jason is soul searching. The monsters manage to separate Jason from the rest of the team and proceed to wail on him. The rest of the team regroups and comes to the rescue before Jasons killed by Goldar and King Sphinx. They form Megazord and dispatch the beast, but again Goldar escapes.

Episode 5 "A Different Drum"

Rita comes up with a plan to use Music to defeat the power rangers, so she summons the Gnarly Gnome, a garden gnome who plays a magic accordion and sends him to earth. His powers hypnotize people leading them off, thankfully it dosen't affect Mellisa, the deaf girl who is in Kimberly's dance class. She follows the hypnotized girls then runs to find Kimberly who summons the power rangers. They defeat the Gnarly Gnome and save the hypnotized girls.

Episode 6 "Food Fight"

Inspired by a food fight at the juicebar, Rita summons Pudgy Pig. A monster which eats everything including the rangers weapons. Trini realizes that the monster cannot stand spicy foods so the rangers set out to feed him vast quantities of horseradish until he vomits their weapons back up. The form the Mega-Blaster and destroy the monster before he can consume the world's food supply.

As the episodes progress from Episode 1, they have already sort of hit their stride. We've had three Trini centric episodes, two Kimberly Centric episode and a Jason Centric Episode. So far that leaves Zack and Billy out, but I'm sure they will get their own episodes soon enough.

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