Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jesus had Long Hair.... and

He'd so get suspended in Itasca, Texas.


This is the second time I've posted something regarding the length of some lad's locks. I wish I didn't have too. But I see no changes forth coming. The Previous time was a much younger child, but I see nothing wrong with either of these boys chosen hairstyles...to paraphrase Public Enemy, It's straight up sexist simple and plain.

It might seem a bit odd to post about young kids.. but to be honest I sympathize with him entirely.. growing up I wanted long hair really badly.. I grew up in a house hold surrounded by photographs of my parents and their friends in the 60s, long hair and long beards. I suffered all the same discrimination, and suffered the clearly encouraged attacks by school mates.

So here is to you Kenneth.

I'd give them the finger myself.. but I'm kind of holding the camera.

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