Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Arise... Netbookimus Prime.

A trifle melodramatic.. and a tad garbled in transmission.. but I'll be excitedly waiting for UPS to bring me my new Netbook sometime this week.

I've wanted one for a while now, to be able to go out but still be able to keep up to date on my RSS feeds and what have you.. and desperate not to look like a complete phony, I didn't want anything that began with an " I- ".. so its just an Acer. But it will work with my Sandisk MP3 player, and my pay as I go cell phone..

The other news is, the new Masterpiece Transformer figure which TakaraTomy is at this moment putting the finishing touches on is none other than Rodimus Prime.. but wait.. it is also Hot Rod. The toy actually changes and "Grows" from smallish Hot Rod.. into biggish Rodimus Prime.. I think its a pretty neat idea.. when they could have made both as separate toys.. If it is anything as good as Masterpiece Megatron, or my much coveted Masterpiece Grimlock (curse you Toys R' Us) He will be pretty nice.. Now if they will just go back and give us a new Masterpiece Optimus Prime incorporating more of these new engineering advances the other toys boast.. we will be all set.

I promise I will finish up the Leonard Carpenter Conan book on Hyborian Apocrypha soon too.. It's not that it is bad.. per say.. in the same way that the Steve Perry ones were.. But I'm nearly 150 pages into it and nothing has happened so far.. He's not even traveled long distances while nothing happens like the Steve Perry books.. I felt if I didn't take a break from it for a bit I'd start having moss grow on me.

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