Thursday, August 12, 2010

Like.. No one Buys CD's Anymore.. man..

This was what I heard for what seems like the millionth time today when I went into another Big Box store looking for something well.. not crap.

I've gotten tired of it, MP3's are all well and good, I've got an MP3 Player.. but they aren't tangible. You don't get to play them on your hi-fi. Granted CD's aren't as good as vinyl, but I don't pay exorbitant sums for 30-40 year old albums.. if I find an LP at goodwill or a charity shop that is in good shape I'll buy it. But other wise I stick to CD's..

Seems that, back when CD stores were everywhere was still when the record companies thought 18.99 - 29.99 was a good price range for an Album.. so I never was able to buy many of them.. Highschool students aren't well known for their plentiful cash.. And when I started working was after the whole Napster thing, and I-Tunes started soon after and then every one seemed to just pull up the tent pegs and pack up in the realm of CD shops. But I finally got fed up with it.. and I looked it up and found out that there was a lone FYE inside of 50 miles.. and I went..

I wound up with a few goodies.

I got Uriah Heaps' Wizards and Demons, Judas Priests British Steel and Screaming for vengence.. which are really cool because they are the new Remasters.. and If I get all 12 of them, they apparently make a picture formed of the spines of the albums.. so now I've gotta buy more! Marketing at it's finest.. Emerson Lake and Palmer's "Tarkus", lastly a Blind Gaurdian Album I didn't have.. A Twist in the Myth.

I think I spent about 40$.. Which is phenomenal when you consider I got about 50 tracks.

It may not match up to some of my goodwill finds (once I got the entire discography of "The Cult" which was fantastic..) But I'm thrilled, But I also realize that soon that store too will close and I'll be stuck having to buy all my CD's on like.. Amazon.. Man..

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