Monday, August 2, 2010

Maybe It's just me.

I was reading a thread on which pertained to the Contents of the upcoming 6th volume of Del Rey's Reprints of Micheal Moorcock's Elric stories. Phew. And while it did clear up something which hadn't been particularly bothering me, namely the stories the volume would contain besides "Revenge of the rose" (I've got the Weird Tales issue with "Black Petals" in it.. and I've got "Swords and Dark Magic" with "Red Pearls" in it..) But what struck me as a bit odd.. though some how true to form for Mr. Moorcock.. is that he is going to be writing a new series of Elric Novellas... in French.

Now I know that the old saw goes "good business is where you find it", blah blah blah.. but doesn't it strike anyone else as odd for a non native speaker to write books in a foreign language and then only infer that they might be translated back into English by some one else other than the English Speaking author? Wouldn't it make more sense to write them in English and then have them translated into French?

Considering that from what I've seen, the Del Rey Volumes are pretty good sellers, that it might not be a bad Idea to write some new material for future volumes.

I like Elric, but I'm not going to learn a foreign language just to read Elric stories.. if I was going to do that I would have learned German in order to read the Wolfgang Hohlbein Indiana Jones novels...

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