Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And now... Time for the New Book Song.

well not really new.. but I went to goodwill today and came out with quite a haul.

The complete Elric stories in Hardcover omnibus format, and a collection of Elric pastiches being the big find. But I'm quite pleased with the rest too. I had just bought the new TPB of the Dying Earth stories from Orb too.. so I guess its off to the trade-a-book with that one.. can use it to buy a few more of my Ballantine Adult Fantasy volumes I need.

Though a bit Redundant I'd also gotten the eleventh volume of the Eternal Champion mega series.. which is the same as volume 1 of the hardcover series and Revenge of the Rose.. simply printed in chronological order. It isn't pictured, but it will go with my Kane of Old Mars book from the same series.. maybe one day I will get them all.

I wish that the Reluctant King had its dust jacket, but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it or not.. it depends on if I can get the Honourable Barbarian to match. If not, I will be content with my paperbacks for it.

And the Complete Compleat Enchanter is an upgrade, as before all I had was Compleat Enchanter.

The two Stargate volumes form sort of book ends for the film, there are a few more in the series.. but I am not really sure I care enough to hunt them down.. I've not made up my mind yet.

And last are a couple of World War II related buys, a Jack Higgins Omnibus so I can replace my tattered paperbacks.. and a nice Coffee Table book of maps about General Patton's 3rd Armoured's career in the European Theatre.

Got a couple of Book sales coming up later this month too.. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will score a few goodies.

From Dweomera Lagomorpha


M. D. Jackson said...

That's a lucky find! Congratulations. Goodwill or thrift stores can sometimes be a goldmine for book treasures. I once found two first editions of LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness, one in mint and one in near-mint conbdition at our local church thrift store.

To some people books is just books, but that works for me.

Lagomorph Rex said...

Yeah I just found two LeGuin's at the Library, Tales of Earthsea and Another Wind I think they are.. but I really don't like the newer Earthsea books.. I lost interest entirely with Tehanu and have never bothered to read any more of them.

So I figure they will be going up for sale.