Monday, September 20, 2010

but what about Robert E. Howard?

Over on, they had a discussion naming off the "Top ten Lizard people".. and noticeably absent were the Serpent Men from "Shadow Kingdom".. I know they aren't technically " Lizard People ".. but they are Reptillian humanoids none the less.. and since as far as I know, apart from examples in mythology, the oldest representation.. they definitely need to be represented..

I've told them so, but so should you. You can do so, here.


Trey said...

Well if medusa counts as a "lizard man", then the serpent men certainly do.

Taranaich said...

That list is very strange. How is a Medusa a "lizard-man" when she's neither lizard NOR man? How could you possibly include McCaffrey's dragons and not the countless other intelligent dragons like Smaug and Glaurung? And the less said about the Voth from Star Trek (palaeontologist rage!) the better.

The Serpent Men clearly deserve mention, certainly over Medusa, dragons and the Vorn, since they are closer to the archetype of "reptilian humanoid" than the others.

Jared said...

Totally agree.