Sunday, September 12, 2010

Red Box

I bought it last night on a lark at Barnes&Nobel. I already have the 4e books, but my group really hadn't had much fun trying to make heads nor tails of them. I think it was too much like jumping into the deep end without being able to swim.

we wound up playing through the entire boxed game last night, in record time. The extreme simplification of the game with the addition of chits and a map to move them around really seems to help. Unless you have an extremely skilled DM, I think it helps to have some visual representation to prevent people getting "lost" in their minds.

Its got a neat retro box, with nice artwork, and was a pretty solid investment for 20.00$ considering how much fun it provided for the evening. It was certainly better than the boxed game for 3.0 when I got it what seems like ages and ages ago at Toys R' us.

I'm hoping that after we run through it a few more times, using its more simplified system.. that I can then begin to ween the players off of using the cards and chits and begin to incorporate more and more detail from the full version of the game.

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