Thursday, September 2, 2010

Substitute Expendables

Finally got around to seeing the new Stallone film, the Expendables. I don't get to the theatre much these days, I prefer to go during the day when there are fewer people.. but a lot of theatres are making up for loss of income by not opening until later in the day.

I thought it was an alright film, not spectacular or anything, but not bad either. I enjoyed seeing some old favorites back in action like Dolph Lundgren. I rather enjoyed his "The Punisher".. It wasn't as good as Thomas Janes but it wasn't bad either. I thought Stallone was rather understated in it, not hamming it up like he perhaps rightfully could have done. But I really prefer Statham as the quiet Frank Martin of Transporter series( and a small cameo in Micheal Mann's Collateral). But I enjoyed it for what it was. I hope they make another one, and manage to get some more of the old staples for the second go around.

The obvious ones, like Seagal and Van Damme would be nice, but I'd thought of some who perhaps don't get mentioned a lot today while watching TV. I came across one of the films in the Sniper series, staring Tom Beringer.

Berringer has been a favorite of mine ever since I was about 12, when he stared as Theodore Roosevelt in John Milius's made for TV mini series "The Rough Riders".. and solidified by his role of Sgt. Barnes in Oliver Stones "Platoon". He was in "The Big Chill" also but during the 90's and into the 2000's he really hasn't done a whole lot of "Big" stuff.. But he did make the great film " The Substitute" which I feel is a good send up of films like Stand and Deliver and their type. and of course the multi installment, Sniper series. He is a bit older sure, but not any more so than Stallone.

I'd like to see maybe, Francisco Quinn. Another Platoon Alum and Rough Riders alum. He's one of those actors who has been in a lot of parts but you maybe don't know his name. but one of his more recent ones was Larry Bishops HellRide.

Keith David is a lot older now than he was back when he beat the crap out of Roddy Piper in an alley in "They Live" But he's always fun to have around.

And then some more obscure people, like Al Leong.. you might remember him as Enzo from Lethal Weapon.. and the guy who steals the candy bars during the Lobby shoot out in Die Hard. He's recently been on "24" quite a bit.

Other great options would in my opinion include people like Jean Reno, who stared in "Leon" and the Crimson Rivers series.. not to mention shoot first, ask questions later, Cop in "Wasabi".

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